Vyacheslav Pukhanov

Hi, my name is Vyacheslav 👋🏻

I am a Frontend Team Lead at T-Bank with 7+ years of professional web development experience.

Programming is not merely a job for me – it’s a passion. I contribute to open-source projects like Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, Raycast and others on GitHub. Also I keep a running list of these contributions on my website.

Email me at vyacheslav@pukhanov.ru.

Professional Experience

T-Bank JSC (formerly Tinkoff JSC), since 2021

Senior frontend engineer promoted to team lead in 2024, working in the media projects department on the Т—Ж project, the leading media platform covering finance, life, and human experiences.

  • I designed and implemented an internal micro-frontend framework that allows for quick creation and delivery of new services
  • My work on the Node.js backend of the site lets it handle visits from 20+ millions of unique readers per month without crashing
  • I keep an eye on front-end performance metrics and make optimizations as needed. Raised the percentage of effective pages from 10% to 90% according to Google

RPA Krista, 2020–2021

Senior frontend developer on the digital platform team.

  • Developed an embeddable print document editor that was used in other teams' products
  • Optimized performance so that components did not slow down even with large amounts of data
  • Developed a user-facing form, invoice and report builder, including partially developing Java backend for it

Tensor LLC, 2016–2020

Frontend developer on the platform team.

  • Developed core JavaScript framework for reactive applications — Wasaby
  • Developed a routing system and a library of complex components (tables, trees) for this framework
  • Optimized the performance of the framework core and its components


  • Bachelor’s degree in fundamental computer science and information technology, Yaroslavl State University, 2015–2019