AI-assisted Senior Engineers

As a senior engineer, you won't feel the same temptation to use AI as a replacement for fundamental skills. You already have those skills. Maybe you won't feel inclined to use it at all, and that's completely fine—you're never wrong for deciding not to use a particular tool.

Some people wonder what purpose generative AI can possibly serve for an experienced dev. Half the time it spits out junk, half the time it writes something serviceable but not as good as you'd write on your own. Why delegate your job to something that's objectively worse at it? To answer that question, it may help to clarify the boundary between yourself and AI. At its best, AI-written code only has about a 50/50 chance of doing what it's supposed to, and hardly any chance of accurately expressing its place in the context of an application. You're right: AI is not “good” at writing code. However, it is very, very fast. That's the expectation you should have. It's the AI's job to be fast, but it's your job to be good.