Apple Intelligence? Typical

Apple is at it again. Just when you thought they couldn't get more Apple-y, they decide that AI doesn't mean Artificial Intelligence anymore: from now on, it's Apple Intelligence. Because of course it is.

Craig Federighi standing on stage in a modern, minimalist auditorium, giving a presentation during the keynote of WWDC 2024. Behind him is a large screen displaying the text 'Apple Intelligence' in gradient blue and purple colors.
Source: Apple at WWDC 2024

They've got a history of doing this. Remember when "Retina" was just an eye thing? Apple turned it into a (damn good) display feature. Now they're doing the same with AI. Typical.

It's all about saying, "Our AI isn't like the others. It's Apple-branded." They can't resist taking a buzzword and slapping their logo on it. So while everyone else is talking about Artificial Intelligence, Apple is all about making it their own.

It's the ultimate Apple move: take something everyone's already talking about, give it an Apple twist, and call it a day. And you know what's the worst thing? I'll try it, and I'll probably like it. So here's to Apple Intelligence.