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Referencing Query Params with Dashes in NGINX Config

I spent some time recently configuring NGINX for one of our microservices, and one of the problems I had to solve was configuring NGINX cache bypass when a specific query parameter is set. This is usually trivial to do by using the cache bypass directives

proxy_cache_bypass $arg_nocache;
proxy_no_cache $arg_nocache;

NGINX automatically maps the value of the nocache query parameter from the URL to the $arg_nocache variable. And it just works.

However due to some legacy reasons, I had to support the query parameter named qa-nocache, which contains a dash character. In this case, NGINX can’t automatically map the parameter to the $arg_qa-nocache variable, since - isn’t a valid character for identifiers in nginx.conf

Mapping the Parameter Manually

To solve the issue, I mapped the query parameter to a variable manually, specifying a map block in the config file:

map $args $param_qa_nocache {
    "~(^|&)qa-nocache=(?<val>[^&]+)"  $val;

This block takes the raw query string $args and finds the value of the qa-nocache parameter using a regular expression. Then it puts the value of the parameter into the newly declared $param_qa_nocache variable. If the parameter is not found in the query string, $param_qa_nocache will get a default value of the empty string.

We can then use this new variable as a parameter for our cache bypassing directives like this:

proxy_cache_bypass $param_qa_nocache;
proxy_no_cache $param_qa_nocache;